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Schedule an Author Visit for your school

With each visit, bestselling author Karen Kilpatrick brings her books to life by showing how the themes of the stories apply to the lives of the students. Plus, Karen will share her personal story so students can learn about how to become an author!


The true story of how Pencil and Eraser became the best of friends. A canvas for different takes on creativity and a lesson about collaboration and friendship.
• Creativity
• Collaboration
• Friendship
A story about learning how to color outside the lines and how to turn our messes into successes.
• Creativity
• Trying new things
• How to learn from and view “mistakes”
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Writing Workshops

Karen Kilpatrick will lead discussions with smaller groups of students, teaching writing skills through interactive exercises that include character and plot development. CPALMS Standards: ELA.3.R, ELA.3.C; ELA.4.R, ELA.4.C; ELA.5.R, ELA.5.C.

Creativity & Collaboration Workshops:

Karen Kilpatrick will lead activities with smaller groups of students, including collaborative and creative exercises. CPALMS Standards: VA.K.C, VA.K.S, VA.K.O; VA.1.C, VA.1.S, VA.1.O; VA.2.C, VA.2.S, VA.2.O; VA.3.C, VA.3.S, VA.3.O.
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Assembly Package

This package includes one assembly, followed by a book signing Run Time: Approximately 45 minutes (Recommended grades: K-3)

Writing Workshops

Pricing for Author Visits

Book an author visit today. Please keep in mind that the process of planning and coordinating an author visit takes time.
Includes up to three writing workshops, followed by a book signing after each Run Time: Approximately 45-60 minutes (Recommended grades: 3-5)

Creativity & Collaboration Workshops:

Technical Requirements

Assemblies will require a laptop, with a projector and screen, and possibly a microphone. Writing and Creativity workshops will require a dry erase or smart board.
Includes up to three creativity & collaboration workshops, followed by a book signing after each Run Time: Approximately 45-60 minutes (Recommended grades: K-3) VA.1.C, VA.1.S, VA.1.O
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